Jim Jentzen

For me, this was a game changing experience! I was looking into learning one or two methods of making a specific type of jewelry and Dan opened up a completely different frontier, from my original expectations. He and Nataly opened up their studio and shined a light onto my imagination and confidence. Dan teaches the basics of jewelry making: designing, cutting, soldering, polishing, and finishing involving several different methods…all while displaying great patience with this student, as well as encouraging advanced techniques and answering questions as we worked together. To open up his own personal work space, with his tools, his machinery, and know how is a testament to just how generous they both are. I am forever grateful to both Dan and Nataly for taking these classes, but most of all, to my wife for encouraging me to call and schedule my first class with them. She loves the ring I made for her…she now wears it as her wedding ring.

1/11/16 Google Review