Jewelry Collection of Contemporary Fine Art Jewelry by designer goldsmith, Dan Balk

15RSS104 small
Dan Balk Jewelry Sterling Silver Double Finger Ring with blue-green lab. opals, faceted oval round and triangle blue topaz and a peridot Buy Now Button
15RSS107 watermelon green pink tourmaline small 1000
Dan Balk Jewelry Ring with a faceted rectangle watermelon tourmaline, a triangle green tourmaline and a round pink tourmaline
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15RSS101350 ruby clients small1000
Dan Balk Jewelry Ring with a faceted rectangle ruby
15RSS105550 blue topaz amethyst small
Dan Balk Jewelry Ring with faceted oval and round blue topaz and amethyst
15RSS106300 amethyst small1000
Dan Balk Jewelry ring with faceted round amethysts
15RSS108350 blue topaz garnets smll 1000
Dan Balk Jewelry Ring with faceted round blue topaz and garnets
IMG_9022 sapphires with logo alt
Dan Balk Jewelry Ring with faceted round rubies
15RSS112 by Dan Balk
Dan Balk Jewelry Ring with a faceted round blue diamond set in 14K yellow gold, lab opal and a triangle amethyst
15rss200 peridot flower wire ring 600x430
Dan Balk Jewelry Ring with faceted round peridot
12RSS125550 ametrine amethyst citirne unedited
Dan Balk Jewelry Ring with 14K yellow gold, faceted rectangle ametrine, triangle amethyst and round citrines