Wedding Band Workshop

One day class

Join me for a romantic and rewarding experience as you make your own wedding rings by hand in my fine jewelry studio in Tampa, Florida.

Dan Balk is proud to present a private couple’s wedding bands jewelry making class. Dan is inviting couples to hand make jewelry in gold or sterling silver. Participants discover new abilities to design and create jewelry under the guidance of a professional goldsmith.

This private course is a great opportunity for partners to explore each others creative and artistic side as each makes a piece of jewelry for each other. This unique course concludes with complementary offerings of champagne, wine, fruit, and chocolate.

Dan Balk, has opened his jewelry studio for classes 7 days a week, Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 am, and Monday through Friday at 9:00 am in Dan’s studio in Lutz. No experience is needed. Reservations are required. Each class is approximately 4 hours long. A down payment of half will reserve your seats.

Couples learn about fine jewelry in Dan Balk’s fully equipped studio. Each Couples Class is private, enabling each participants to learn new skills and techniques. Couples will go home with their finished rings. Stones may be added for an additional fee. I offer 99% recycled metals: gold and sterling silver.

Participants will develop hands-on education in hand fabrication using raw materials. Couples will gain awareness and practice in shop safety, design, creating sheets and wires, soldering and forming, and metal cutting.

Contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment, (813)728-4325.

Wedding Band Workshop Prices

It more memorable, fun and exciting to make your own wedding rings. Each couple may customize their pieces by selecting their materials and deciding upon their own style rings.  Different styles require different amounts of time and effort to create.

Dan has summarized the prices for the most popular options for both wedding bands. Unless otherwise noted, jewelry class prices do not include materials, and are subject to change.

Simple Bands Class

Make a pair of gold simple band style wedding rings by hand in my jewelry studio. Classes are scheduled individually with each couple. Each class is private. Choose yellow gold, green gold, rose gold or white gold (14K or 18K )     $1,700 + Gold

*Based on price of gold trading at date of purchase

*Prices are based on 3mm and 5mm rings.

i.e.: Wider rings will be more, narrower rings will cost less.

Class additions and subtractions

Melt or alloy gold, including family jewelry    + $600

One ring, instead of a pair     – $300

Small diamonds or other stones     price varies     

*Labor price, plus materials.

2mm diamonds (set in class)     + $160 each

2mm sapphires (set in class)     + $145 each

2mm diamonds (stone setter – 6 stone min.)     + $90 each