Introduction to Jewelry Making Workshops

Basic 1-5 day program

Jewelry Making Private Instruction, Basic Silversmithing Day Classes

Silver Jewelry Making Classes are taught by artist and designer goldsmith, Dan Balk. Dan is enrolling beginner students, hobbyists, and the artistically adventurous to hand make jewelry in sterling silver in our 1-Day classes. Students discover new abilities to design and create their own piece of jewelry under the guidance of a professional jeweler.

Class Schedule

Dan Balk, has opened his jewelry studio for basic silversmithing classes 7 days a week.

Monday – Friday from 9:00AM to 1:00PM, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00AM to 2:00PM.

No experience is needed. *Reservations are required.

Each class is approximately 4 hours long. Each class is private, one-on-one learning.

About the Workshop

Students learn about jewelry in Dan Balk’s fully equipped jewelry studio. In the jewelry making classes, students will develop hands-on education in hand fabrication using raw materials. Students will gain awareness and practice in shop safety, design, creating silver sheets and wires, metal cutting, soldering and forming, and stone setting. Dan’s classes focus on projects that students can complete and develop confidence.

About the Instructor

Goldsmith and artist, Dan Balk, designs and fabricates every piece of jewelry from raw materials from his studio in Tampa, Florida. Each piece is one of a kind, designed by Dan, who creates his own sterling silver, 18K, and 14K alloys that he then fashions, mills, forges, fuses, and brazes into miniature sculptures for personal adornment. Dan selects and sets each stone, often performing his own lapidary work on select stones. Dan has complete contact and artistic connection with each piece of fine art jewelry from concept to collection.

“America has a rich heritage of fine craft that is in jeopardy of being lost.” Dan offers his classes, “In an effort to preserve the traditional cultural arts of American crafts people. In an age where people are increasingly dependent upon computers, machines and mass produced goods, I believe it is extremely important to retain the time-honored skills of hand craftsmanship that have been passed down through hundreds of years from teacher to student.”  -Dan Balk

Class Fees

1-5 day Private Silversmithing Workshop Prices

Classes include all supplies, materials and tax.  *additional gemstones cost more.

  • Class # 1, Introduction to Metalsmithing, $225.00
  • Class #2, Soldering Metals, $225.00
  • Class #3, Stone Setting (1) Bezel, $350.00
  • Class #4, Stone Setting (2) Prong, $350.00
  • Class #5, Fabrication – Making sheets & wires out of raw materials $225.00
  • The total for the 5 day private jewelry workshop is $1,375.00.
  • A $50 non-refundable reservation check or credit card is needed to reserve each class date.
  • The balance is due on the date of the class in cash or C.C. (*no checks are accepted on the class date.) You can make 1, 5 or 10 scheduled payments.

Some students may choose to take a class twice to practice and enhance their skills and techniques in a specific area.

Advanced Private Classes are available. Students must submit 3 clear photos of your current work via text email. Include what techniques or skills you would like to practice, learn, or enhance.

For more information call Nataly Balk at (813) 728-4325.