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Dan Balk is an award winning artist, designer and goldsmith, who creates unique, one-of-a-kind sculptural adornments. He begins each piece from raw materials from which he makes his own alloys of silver and gold. Then, working directly in these precious metals, without the use of molds or casting, Dan fashions each one of a kind piece of art jewelry. Dan hand selects and sets the finest diamonds and colored gemstones to accent each piece of sculpture, often times performing his own lapidary work on select stones. Influenced by natural, organic forms which are more consistent with human anatomy than traditional jewelry, each piece of modern contemporary fine art jewelry is created with emphasis on comfort, function and durability.

Dan Balk Jewelry

Dan has spent thousands of hours teaching adults trade and vocational training. He was awarded a number of distinctions for excellence in education and instruction. He served as an Associate Dean of Education at a prominent trade school. His commitment to education and preservation of cultural arts is evident throughout his professional career.