Seperation anxiety

I have taught many classes on anatomy, physiology, bodywork, and manual therapies. During which time I logged a few thousand clinical hours performing rehabilitative manual therapies on people ¬†afflicted by a wide variety of pathologies, from sprains to multiple sclerosis. ¬†I have come to the conclusion, that through a process of miseducation we (for the most part) have come to believe that we are separate, somehow, from our bodies. And in believing such, tend to treat them as something we have, rather than something we are. Needless to say, this feeling of separation is a hallucination that has led to disastrous consequences, particularly in regards to our relationship with our natural environment and our fellow human beings. If our beliefs separate our consciousness from our bodies, how could we hope to feel a connection of our body to the external environment or to other people. I am not saying I have this all worked out, but we as planet need to adopt a new cosmology, and begin to think about ourselves and each other differently. For everyone’s sake. And we had better get around to it pretty quickly,…

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